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About PestBoff

Professional treatment for rodent and other vermin control. I treat all types of flea, ant, cockroach infestation in private houses and commercial property.

I attended an intensive course at Warwick University in 2009, which is run by the British Pest Control Association and passed the Royal Society of Public Health level 2 in pest control. This involves a 2 hour exam at the end. A number of students do fail. I have been actively involved in pest control since then and put myself through other various courses.

I find the work very interesting. It is a mixture of detective, customer care, knowledge of insect/mammals, chemicals, welfare law, health and safety.

Russell Goodbourn - PestBOff
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Russell Goodbourn - PestBOff

I maintain close association with my equipment supplier who have their own advisors and can provide a wealth of information on request. I take pride in the work and customer satisfaction is paramount to me.

My van was originally sign written, but I have deliberately removed this because I felt it was too conspicuous when attending Commercial Premises, as the customer wishes me to be discreet for obvious reasons.

I have been trained by the British Pest Control Association and is Qualified to level 2  within the Royal Society of Public Health certification. 

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I carry out pest & vermin control along with treating infestations of Rats, Mice, Wasps, Ants, Rabbits, Squirrels, Cockroaches and Flies in MargateRamsgate, Broadstairs, St Peters, Cliftonville, Reading Street, Westwood, Haine, St Lawrence, Newington, Dane Valley .

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