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Small Personal One Man Business

  • Free Advice on your Pest Problem.

  • RSPH Qualified and Fully Insured.

  • Special Consideration Paid to Wildlife.

  • Attention Paid To Environment.

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Pest Services

Insect and Animal pest control in Thanet, Kent - Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs 

I offer pest control over a wide variety of dangerous and nuisance creatures that may invade your home or business, potentially causing damage and carrying disease. Including many species of insect such as Wasps, Hornets, Ants, Fleas, Flies, Moths and Cockroaches. Mammal species include: Rats, Mice, Grey Squirrels and Rabbits

These pests require correct identification from a qualified technician and treatment for safe destruction and removal, with follow up advice on prevention.

Wasp Nests Control in Margate

Wasps and their larger relative Hornets look for sites to build their nests and often enter houses, attics and outbuildings. They obviously present a danger from Stinging especially to vulnerable people who may be allergic to their sting.

I can destroy a wasp nest in many inaccessible locations with specialist equipment. 

I will give advice while on site to ensure the safety of your family especially if they have an allergy to wasp stings.


Rodent Control in Broadstairs

Apart from rats and mice carrying disease and damaging stored food, rodents are known to chew constantly and will often gnaw wire and electrical  insulation, which will then become a fire hazard. 

Protecting Holiday homes from risk in Ramsgate

Cabins, lodges and caravans at locations such as Holiday parks like Broadstairs, Margate and Cliftonville can be inspected and advice provided on deterrents to re-occurrence of pest problems.

Buildings that are left empty for long periods are vulnerable to attack from rodents and insects. These sites require quick eradication and regular monitoring to prevent an infestation and deal with an issue early should it occur. 

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I carry out pest & vermin control along with treating infestations of Rats, Mice, Wasps, Ants, Rabbits, Squirrels, Cockroaches and Flies in MargateRamsgate, Broadstairs, St Peters, Cliftonville, Reading Street, Westwood, Haine, St Lawrence, Newington, Dane Valley .

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